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Cheesy Hot Dog Buns

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$6.00 HST

Quantity: 8

Bread is baked fresh every Wednesday.

Buns require 24 hours notice.

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We go all Jackson Pollock on our latest masterpiece: Still Life with Hot Dog Bun and Drizzled Cheese. At first, we just slathered on the melted cheese with a 2″ nap roller often used for painting barnboard. But when we saw the finesse that old Jackson pulled off, we started melting real Canadian Cheddar Cheese into (clean) paint cans and then dribbling it all over the buns with what some would say was a choreographed ballet, au frommage. No formal lines: all random abstract expressionism and yummy goodness, baked in. Who knows, it could be the beginning of our “Orange” Period.

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