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I wanted to see how everyone is doing? We are following what the government has mandated and staying inside and enjoying our beautiful farm. Everyone is doing well. How are you doing? It is hard when we have to isolate and social distance as friends we would have dinner with or visit we cannot. Kids are especially impacted as they cannot see their friends and some do not really understand what is going on. But we are all in this together and it is us that can change the outcome of this virus by following what we have been told to do. 

We all feel some anxiety as this is something that is so unknown to all of us. I know we will get thru this as we are all going to stay safe. 

St. Maarten as we watch from afar, has 6 cases of Coronavirus so far. It does not seem like a lot compared to the rest of the world, but for a small island with limited medical resources it is a lot. They are following the same mandated rules as the government in Canada as businesses are closed and people must stay inside. The people of St. Maarten who just came out of the worst hurricane just two years ago are always in our thoughts. 🙏🏻

At this time, we ask all of our loyal customers 😘 to not return egg cartons to us we are only using new egg cartons to fill our orders. Please place your egg orders early as we have limited amount of eggs and the demand is very high right now. 

We just had a baby calf born at PVF. (See picture) 

We have been experimenting with our honey and we made a yummy honey Dijon salad dressing. I think the secret ingredient of PVF honey made the dressing…lol ..let me know if anyone would like the recipe. 

Thank you too all our loyal customers and please stay safe and inside. We will get through this if we all do what we must together. 

As I write this I think of the many who do not have healthy safe environments in which to live during this time of crisis. I am filled with gratitude each day for what we do have and how we can help those in their time of need during this pandemic. Remember those seniors, or people that do not have access to groceries or friends or family that we can help because we are all in this together.

All of you are part of our community of affection. 

We have a shop button added to our website at or contact me by what’s app, text or by calling (416)271-8440. 

Have a great day from our  much loved “zoo” at Peaceful Valley farms…lol 

Brenda Bot (Gram) 

Peaceful Valley Farm 


Our new little calf

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