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A lot has happened around Peaceful Valley farm today

Well, I managed to clean 6 flats of strawberries. They are ready now to make some jam. Porsha and Rolls got a good bath today as they were playing in the garden…I think…not sure where the mud came…Tom raked and Bayled the hay today. In the heat…I took a bee run to get 4 more nukes to add to our hives in the fields. We are going to have a lot of honey this year. I let Billie and Sapphire have the run of our bedroom today as I think I have them litter trained…Bentley, Porsha and Rolls were not sure what to make of them..but they like chasing them around. Than I made asparagus pesto. I have never made it before…looked at some recipes, found one I liked and it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Now on to making Tom a Father’s Day meal…he wants pork chops…and he is dirty from head to toe being under Baylers today…so he needs a shower….a lot always going on at Peaceful Valley Farm…next our first…we are going to pickle some eggs…I will let you know how that turns out.

Toms father days present….lol

Toms Father’s Day present I wrapped in TSC (farm supply store) flyers. Gramp loves this store for all his haying…he sure is doing a lot of haying lately…his wallet was falling apart so I bought him a new wallet…after a lot of research to find the right one.

Strawberry season is here

We are starting our preserves. The kitchen will be producing some strawberry jam. Does anyone have any wonderful recipes for jam? We have tried making it with less sugar but it seems to never turn out the same. We purchased 6 flats today, three cleaned…tomorrow three more to clean.

I am filled with gratitude

Lyme disease is a funny disease…it sneaks up on you in the most unexpected ways. I feel good some days and those days I want to do everything and anything I can as I do not if I will feel well the next day. I have learnt to try and pace myself but this is hard for me. I think a lot of people with Lyme can relate.But one thing I have to say is I am filled with gratitude each day. It has been a battle to get to where I am today. I spent almost 4 years in bed, hooked up to different IVs and careworkers coming in to give Tom respite so he could go to town and run errands for us. Toms smile , his happiness each day helped me through immensely. I do not have the life I once had, but maybe that is a good thing…I was always focused on what to accomplish next..instead of focusing on what I had already. I never gave up hope that I would be able to do some of the things I could not at the moment. For me my treatment in Germany I think helped me the most. I went through two treatments of heating my body to 107 degrees, lowering my insulin levels to kill the Lyme…but by this time though I had to two infections barbesia and Bartonella which cannot be killed in this manner so these I manage on a daily basis through the combination of diet, watching my stress levels…and managing what I do on a Daily basis. I try not to ask myself “why me”? It is what it is…anxiety creeps in at times…depression is a reality…than gratitude as I am still here…to get married…to play with my grandchildren…to walk…and having my “community of affection” support me. #lyme disease # living with Lyme lyme disease talk

A lot happening at Peaceful Valley farm

Gramp and I are getting married on August 11th, 2018. There is so much we have to do to get ready as we are getting married here at the farm. We are building the little chapel we are getting married under….we are very excited…the countdown is on 56 days to go…trying to think of a hashtag for our wedding to list pictures …any ideas??? We have a countdown on mugs we write in each day for the countdown..I changed Gramps to 363 days today to see if he was awake…lol

Missy our barn cat had a litter of kittens….Gramp reached in to get some eggs from the nesting boxes and there was five little kittens. We left them with Mama so she could feed them for 6 weeks. Than I had to take 3 to get them forever homes. We still have two “Billie” and “Sapphire” They are both thriving and eating well. I am an animal lover at heart ❤️ so I am having trouble letting them go. We already have three dogs and a cat, two horses and lots and lots of laying hens. Missy was spade this past week. We did not want to add to the cat population anymore. She is recovering and will be out roaming the barn again soon enough.

Gram is starting to do some haying, a lot of work and the weather has to cooperate to be able to cut and bale without rain…yesterday I did the parts run for the rake, had no idea what a spring, bolts etc were but sure learnt in short enough time. I told him I am his business manager for the

The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing this morning…everyone is happy at Peaceful Valley farm today…

getting hitched