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We Get Your Beef

We are now accepting orders for our fall harvest of our grass fed Black Angus beef. You can purchase by the quarter or half animal. You’ll get 175-200 pounds in your freezer depending upon cutting instructions. Where do you buy this quality of beef for so little, direct from the farmer and 100% grass fed and grass finished?

A deposit of 250.00 will reserve your quarter or half animal cut to your specifications. The balance will be due upon pick up. Your final payment is due at time of pick up by cash or e-transfer. We are expecting the beef to be ready for pick up by the second week in October.

Supply is limited so it is based on first come basis. We will forward you a cutting instruction sheet upon your reservation.

To order anything on this page please contact FarmGram at or text, call or what’s app to 416-271-8440.
Eggs – omega enriched
5.00 per dozen
Creamed Honey
9.00 – ½ kg
creamed honey
7.00 – ½ kg
12.00 – 1 kg
Blueberry Jam
5.00 – 250 ml
blueberry jam
Raspberry Jam
5.00 – 250 ml
raspberry jam
Strawberry Jam
5.00 – 250 ml
strawberry jam
Verry Berry Jam
5.00 – 250 ml
verry berry jam
Grape Jelly
5.00 – 250 ml
grape jelly
Mustard Relish
5.00 – 250 ml
mustard relish
Zucchini Relish
5.00 – 250 ml
Zucchini relish
4.00 – 250 ml
6.00 – 500 ml
Hot & Spicy Salsa
4.00 – 250 ml
6.00 – 500 ml
hot spicy salsa
Tomato Sauce
6.00 – 500 ml
tomato sauce
Christmas & Custom Gift Baskets for Special Occasions
starting at 25.00
gift baskets