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Multigrain Bread

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$6.00 HST

Bread is baked fresh every Wednesday.

Bread requires 24 hours notice.

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Back in 1928 some fool decided to actually slice the bread before putting into its package. Since then, nearly everybody else has jumped off that bridge, too. Well, not us. Would you slice a banana and then wrap in its skin? I didn’t think so. When you don’t use a bunch of mono-hydroglutenate carbuncle additives to keep your bread from going stale, it’s best not to slice it before you put in the bag so it stays fresh longer. We say: cut a hunk as big as you like and put the baby tightly back in its pouch! Or say to hell with the knife all together and rip yourself off big hunk with nothing but you hands and teeth. What, now you’re better than the likes of Henry VIII, Shakespeare and Fred Flintstone?

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