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I think it is Sunday or…Funday…

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Hello everyone, 

We hope everyone is staying safe. We have been filling orders, delivering them and preparing our gardens for the summer months. With the snow we have been having and the cold temperatures I am not sure when we will see flowers but hopefully soon. Our seedlings we have planted are doing well. We always have grown some vegetables in the garden, so this year will be no different. 

It seems I am always up at 4am and we realized why? Spooker is walking on top of our and if it is not him it is Rolls…Bentley is not allowed on the bed as he is a golden retriever so at least we do not have him crawling all over us ..all our animals are doing well…Tom has been tending to the farm each is a big job as we have 11 black angus cows now..with our new little one this year…we have named the new calf yet…hmmm..suggestions??? The 10 bee hives we have so far seem to be doing well and have wintered over. 

I had forgot to mention we have another surrogate grandchild born this year. Llaine is a big help to us around the farm and is part of our extended family. She had a little girl Zabeena. She is doing really well, we have not seen her in person yet but Llaine always sends us pictures so we can keep up on her progress. I guess Gram has another garden to make…lol …I have included a picture of the little cutie…

I wanted to ensure everyone that the whole chickens we have for sale go to a processing plant when they are ready to be packaged. They are federally health inspected before we receive the whole chickens back. This has been standard practice always with our farm. The beef is the same. Our laying hens also come with a registered flock number as well. I know we all want assurances for what we are purchasing especially now. 

The two Cotswold sheep we have Dolly and Candy will be ready soon to be sheared. They are so cute right now with all their beautiful wool over their eyes. Someday when we are back to some normalcy this will happen.

We have seen deer on the property as well as some wild turkeys yesterday. We do not shoot anything on our farm or allow anyone in. The wild animals we see are just so beautiful to see. 

We have a special on our preserves right now…3 preserves for 12.00…(includes small salsa and excludes our honey) If you go to you,will see the selection we have. 

We also have our whole chickens for preorder. They will be ready the end of May. They are 3.00/pound. We have sold a lot of them already so order early so you will not be disappointed. 

Just another note when we are delivering eggs to you:

We do porch delivery only 

We are only using new eggs cartons for our orders 

Please do not send any used egg cartons back to us at this time 

We would prefer e-transfer to pay for all orders. 

Please place your egg orders as early as possible as we are selling out each week. We are awaiting more laying hens but they have not come in yet. 

We thank you for supporting our farm!!!

We have a shop button added to our website at or contact me by what’s app, text or by calling (416)271-8440

Have a great day from our  much loved “zoo” at Peaceful Valley farms…lol 

Please stay safe as we are all in this together!!

Brenda Bot (Gram) 

Peaceful Valley Farm 


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