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What is new at Peaceful Valley farm you ask??? A lot..

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A lot has been happening at Peaceful Valley Farm. Gram has been very busy. We have a new edition to our farm and his name is Spooker. He was a rescue from a home that had 350 cats in it. We initially were going to put him in the barn but we found he was a very nervous and shy cat. So Gram brought him to the house. We initially thought we would put him in our bedroom as he was nervous and we thought this would be a better transition for him. Funny thing is he will now not leave the master bedroom. Therefore his name Spooker…we think he may be afraid of his own…we have never had a cat quite like Spooker. He loves to cuddle and loves all the attention he is now receiving. He will sleep beside Gram in the bed with the covers over him so you can only see his head. Have you ever seen a cat play fetch …Spooker does…The bad part is he is now our alarms clock early in the morning when he decides it is playtime. That part is not so fun. We had to take Spooker to the vet because he was wheezing quite a bit. Spooker has asthma so he is on a medication to get this under control. He could have developed this in the house he was in previously. The dogs are adjusting to him….Rolls well he likes to chase him…so we have a showdown every once in awhile. The bedroom, between the dogs and now the cat and poor Gramp who has a little room still on the bed…lol…

This month we have a few new products at Peaceful Valley farm. We have made mango salsa, plum jelly (from the original farmstead plums on our farm) , and hot peppers …the reviews on both our mango salsa and plum jam have been amazing, add some plum jam, some goat cheese and a few crackers and see if you can walk away…mango salsa with chicken or scoops, delicious…

We also have a pie of the month club..this is how it works. You pay a 5.00 deposit on the glass plate for the pie.  This is a one time fee as long as you return the plate.  For Thanksgiving we are selling two different pies , pumpkin and apple pie. The pies are 12.00 each. In November there will be two different offering etc. you return your pie plate and request another pie out of the offerings for November. Deadline for orders for Thanksgiving is October 8th…The test  kitchen has been working overtime in perfecting our pie making skills. 

Our beef is available now, been going fast but if you would like to order your black angus steaks, ground beef, pure bread grass fed young angus…let Gram know. We have some beef left that we can sell not by the quarter or the half but by what you request and price per pound. Reserve your orders now…

We have a shop button added to our website at or contact me by whatโ€™s app, text or by calling (416)271-8440. 

Have a great day from our  much loved โ€œzooโ€ at Peaceful Valley farms…lol 

Brenda Bot (Gram) 

Peaceful Valley Farm 


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