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Tommy The Taste Tester Candle

$21.00 HST

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Now that Tommy the Taste Tester has become a YouTube sensation with 26 — no, wait 27!! — views (Tommy, I don’t think watching yourself really counts as a “view”), we figured it’s high-time to offer some official “merch”.

You see, sometimes, when we run out of cheesecake and he’s hungry–and let’s face it, when isn’t he?–Tommy watches himself “tasting” a cheesecake on YouTube just to beat down the jones. Maybe “a friend of yours” is in a similar situation: all the cheescake’s gone and all you have left is the smell of the empty box strategically duct-taped over your nose. In this case, we figured, it might be time to sell you a cheesecake-flavoured candle. Hey, it’s a lot cheaper than a 12-step program!

Made from 100% natural, toxin free soy wax, maple syrup and pecans, the Tommy the Taste Tester candle smells just like Tommy’s favourite Peaceful Valley Farm cheesecake, Maple Butter Tart. Lasting up to 50 hours and with a calming, real wood wick that crackles when it burns, The Tommy the Taste Tester candle is a great “pick-me-up” that’s sure to get you through ’til morning when you can score a dozen boxes of the Real Thing.

But remember to take this lesson from Tommy: don’t get caught licking the candle, or the grandkids will scold you: “Grandpa, candles are for smelling not for eating!” A honest mistake.

So the next time you get a hankering, don’t worry, just go ahead and burn one: a Tommy the Taste Tester candle, that is.

PLEASE NOTE: Just like the real Tommy, soy wax is very sensitive to changes in temperature and can melt when exposed to high summer heat.

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