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Apple Sauce

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If you’re at all familiar with cooking, you’ll know about the “Mother Sauces”, such as Bechamel, Hollandaise, Tomato and so on. Apple Sauce isn’t a member of the “Mother Sauces”: it’s a member of the “Mother-In-Law” sauces. And, just like your mother-in-law isn’t really your mother, Apple Sauce isn’t really a sauce but still seems to end up all over things anyway. Sometimes–if it’s really saucy like ours is–it presides over many things in the kitchen: pork chops, latkes, Christmas goose, even cornflakes at breakfast. There seems to be no end to what it can “improve”–so much so you’ll almost be glad when it’s gone. That way you can get a new one next year. You might want to order more apple sauce too.

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