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I am filled with gratitude

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Lyme disease is a funny disease…it sneaks up on you in the most unexpected ways. I feel good some days and those days I want to do everything and anything I can as I do not if I will feel well the next day. I have learnt to try and pace myself but this is hard for me. I think a lot of people with Lyme can relate.But one thing I have to say is I am filled with gratitude each day. It has been a battle to get to where I am today. I spent almost 4 years in bed, hooked up to different IVs and careworkers coming in to give Tom respite so he could go to town and run errands for us. Toms smile , his happiness each day helped me through immensely. I do not have the life I once had, but maybe that is a good thing…I was always focused on what to accomplish next..instead of focusing on what I had already. I never gave up hope that I would be able to do some of the things I could not at the moment. For me my treatment in Germany I think helped me the most. I went through two treatments of heating my body to 107 degrees, lowering my insulin levels to kill the Lyme…but by this time though I had to two infections barbesia and Bartonella which cannot be killed in this manner so these I manage on a daily basis through the combination of diet, watching my stress levels…and managing what I do on a Daily basis. I try not to ask myself “why me”? It is what it is…anxiety creeps in at times…depression is a reality…than gratitude as I am still here…to get married…to play with my grandchildren…to walk…and having my “community of affection” support me. #lyme disease # living with Lyme lyme disease talk

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