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I am a Lyme warrior

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I have been living with Lyme disease for over 6 years now. I have been through a battle ….from being 24 hours a day with numerous medications in bed…and finally seeking treatment in Germany to today a lot better but still facing numerous challenges. Some days I feel ok, other days I am in bed all day. It is difficult to manage your life on a daily basis when on that particular day you feel well, do not know when you will feel well again, and trying and get a lot done. I have found my happy place at our farm. I remember when I was really sick and I had mobility issues I would pull myself along the ground to pull weeds from the gardens. I wanted to feel the peace, the birds singing and the feel of the sun on my face. I was on medication that made my skin burn easily, so I had to be covered head to toe so the sun could not reach my skin. The light would bother my eye so I had the blinds closed inside the house and often sunglasses on. I was isolated in a new community that I only knew the nurses , case managers , lab , social workers and care workers that would come in to look after me daily. There was days I did not think I was going to survive. I hoped, wished and prayed for another day, another week..or some portion of my prior life . I am lucky and blessed to have such a supportive spouse. 
Today my life is not 100% ….maybe 70 -75% depending on the day but I am filled with gratitude I am here. I was always so busy trying to accomplish the next and then the next….instead of enjoying what I have today. 
Lately, I have not been feeling well. Back in bed for the whole day…feel better…than shocks back in my legs…If you looked at me , I look fine…I am a warrior fighting through the war of Chronic live Lyme disease. I never know if I can plan anything because I have no idea if I will feel well enough on that day to go. My husband recognizes this so he never pushes but is supportive through these ups and downs. I feel a tremendous amount of love for this man that is my husband that stands today with me through this battle. 
Chronic Lyme disease is not something I asked for. However, like any chronic illness anybody is dealing with you have to deal with what is. 
I am hoping that I can educate others on prevention and share my experience and what I have been through and continue to deal with.  How I deal with my life today? This disease has changed how I view the world and feel gratitude for what I have, where I have been able to be and for my life today..
As Lyme disease warriors,  we all tend to isolate ourselves from the world, we need a community of affection that supports our endeavors in wellness and “I am here for you” …….

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