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Hello from Peaceful Valley Farm

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peaceful valley farm products for sale

We have been busy at Peaceful Valley farm canning all of the fresh produce available at this time of year. We have added Apple butter, apple sauce, apple jelly, cinnamon apple jelly, red pepper jelly and pizza sauce. Gramp has been busy with all of the preserving. You can check out our website and click the shop button to see all of our products for sale. Keep checking back as we are adding new products all the time….we love your feedback too…You can contact me on what’s app , text or by calling (416)271-8440. 


The hung weight is approximately 530 pounds. Per quarter that would be approximately 130 pounds. Two quarters left ….we can forward cutting instructions to you. Beef will be ready within a week for pick up. We need your order for Tuesday Oct. 8th for you to have your custom cut. Just a reminder grass fed organic beef. Local grocery stores are selling organic ground beef for 10.00/pound …for less than this , you are getting steaks, roasts, ground beef, stewing beef etc…

Spooker (our cat) is doing well on his asthma medication…unfortunately for now he is on it daily as that is what is controlling his wheezing…he has ventured a little further out of the master bedroom…but still returns to his accommodations in the bedroom to get cuddles from Gram…lol ….

REMINDER ….the deadline for ordering your pumpkin or apple pies is Tuesday Oct. 8th….for Thanksgiving…

Have a great day from our  much loved “zoo” at Peaceful Valley farms…lol 

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