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Our adventure in St. Maarten on HGTV’s Carribean Life!

The filming for the show was in August 2018 in St. Maarten with Tom, myself and Michele Warden, our real estate agent. We spent many long hot days filming for a 30 minute episode during our honeymoon no less….we were married not 5 days before. It showcases a lot of things around St. Maarten as well as some crazy adventures Tom and I did. Watch Now!

farm to farm products

Farmer to Farmer

Wholesome Natural Goodness

Jams harvested from dangling grapes and thimbleberries. Maple syrup conjured from the sap of the maple grove, boiled over wood fires. Honey oozing off the comb, right from the apiary. Eggs straight from our free-range cluckers. It’s hard. It’s fun. And it’s the way that’s  always tasted best! From our loving family to yours…

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hay baling

Hay Baling

Call the…Hay Man

Rolling your own grass in the country has always been legal, as long as you don’t actually light it on fire. So if you can’t roll your own, we’d be happy to twist a few dozen up for you for a smokin’ good price!  Take home a big bundle of joy for your animals to inhale today!

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farm photo hot spot

Photo Hot Spot

Hay Man Nice Shot

We’ve got a whole bunch of hot spots that just can’t wait to have there picture taken with you.  So if you’re a bride, a groom, a fashion photographer or just need to get out of the Big Smoke for a while and have some way to prove it, drop us a line, grab your camera of choice and capture a few pixels of the beauty of the real outdoors, farm style!

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lyme disease talk

Lyme Disease Talk

Help and Hope

In 2011 I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, but not before enduring a lot of pain, depression, debilitation and misinformation.  I’d like to share my story with you so that you know that there is hope: there are treatments and coping methods that allow you to take back your active and fulfilling life.  Let’s share our stories and successes together!

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Meet the Team

The Ones Actually in Charge



The Greeter

Forming the very enthusiastic first wave of the greeting committee, Bentley also comes equipped with pretty sophisticated Mama “radar”. You’ll want him on your side in any serious game of hide-and-seek.



The Playmate

My name’s Chevy. Hey, you wanna play? I’ll eat just about anything. Hey, you wanna play? I like that big guy, Bentley. Hey, you wanna play? I try really hard not to sniff people in inapprporiate places. Hey, I gotta go play!



The Henchman

Every well-run farm needs a little “muscle” to keep out the riff-raff. Rolls is our self-proclaimed “heavy”, if you know what we mean. “Hey boss, you want I should stay here and bark at ‘dis here crow ’til it flies away?” That kind of thing.

dolly and candy

Dolly & Candy


When the grass needs a little off the top, these guys are the trimmers extraordinaire. Plus, they have an awesome “auto-fertilizing” feature that no lawn should be without. Unless maybe it’s the front lawn.



The Introvert

Wide open spaces can sure give some folks the willies. Like so many intellectuals, Spooker prefers quiet, comfy-cozy places to hang, think and–we suspect–type. A novel nine lives in the making: we can’t wait to get our paws on it.

the brood of hens

Pecker & friends

The Brooders…

…As in “sitters-upon-eggs”. About one beautiful brown one a day, in their prime. And then it’s off to the free-range “retirement” home, where the food is all natural and perfect for those who might be a little short on teeth. And lips.