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Did You Know?

Our products are sourced from Ontario when products are fresh and local.

We Get Your Chicken

We are now accepting orders for our whole chickens @ $3.50/lb ready the end of November 2020. Please contact FarmGram at or text, call or what’s app to 416-271-8440.

We Get Your Beef

We are now accepting orders for our fall harvest of our grass fed Black Angus beef.

You can purchase by the quarter or half animal. You’ll get 175-200 pounds in your freezer depending upon cutting instructions.

We also offer freezer packs of 20 pounds of various cuts of beef, too!

Where do you buy this quality of beef for so little, direct from the farmer and 100% grass fed and grass finished?

We are expecting the beef to be ready for pick up by the second week in October.

Supply is limited so it is based on first come basis. We will forward you a cutting instruction sheet upon your reservation.

Please contact FarmGram at or text, call or what’s app to 416-271-8440.

To order anything on this page please contact FarmGram at or text, call or what’s app to 416-271-8440.
Eggs – omega enriched
5.00 per dozen
Why eat vanilla eggs from vanilla chickens when you can eat choclate eggs from choclate chickens? See, choclate chickens eat this stuff called flax, mostly so you don’t have to. And, after they eat the yucky flax they poop out–sorry lay–chocolate eggs. Chocolate eggs taste about the same as vanilla eggs but chocolate eggs are better for you because they have de-yucki-fied flax in them. Or Omega-3 acids for the scientist in the crowd.
Creamed Honey
9.00 – ½ kg
No actual cream was harmed in the production of this honey. Instead, we use the all-natural process of lowering a functioning jet engine into a gigantic vat of normal honey. Wait two weeks and–presto!–you’ve got creamed honey. And a non-functioning jet engine.
creamed honey
7.00 – ½ kg
13.00 – 1 kg
Our honey was a sticky, gooey mess and people were having trouble carrying it. That’s when we decided to put it in a jar. Spread it on your toast, spread it on your nether-regions: either way you’re in for a real treat!
Peachy Peach Jam
5.00 – 250 ml
peach jam
Thimbleberry Jam
5.00 – 250 ml
Why Thimbleberries? Because they look like thimbles. Except they’re not silver, or made of metal and they won’t protect you from stray needles. Other than that, though, they’re dead ringers. The grandkids had a whole bunch on the end of their little purple fingers. We decided to take them off and make jam. Yes, we washed them thoroughly!. The berries too.
thimbleberry jam
Blueberry Jam
5.00 – 250 ml
We make our jam with wild blueberries, not those big fat tame ones from California that taste like something between a retarded grape and wet waxed cardboard.
blueberry jam
Raspberry Jam
6.00 – 250 ml
We love the way raspberries fall off their litle thimbles right into you hand–so delicate, so delicious. Well worth the scratches, pulled sweaters and bear sightings to get them fresh off their raspy bushes.
raspberry jam
Strawberry Jam
5.00 – 250 ml
Sometimes bigger is not always better. Take, for example, those plum-sized strawberries from Peru they sell in stores during the winter that you could use to brush-up on your lacrosse game. Well, we don’t use those. We only use Ontario, summer-grown strawberries. Smaller. Sweeter. Riper. Tastier.
strawberry jam
Verry Berry Jam
5.00 – 250 ml

Verry berry has no cherry,
that’s just because it’s not customary.

Verry berry will make you merry,
better than a trip to the apothecary.

Verry berry results don’t vary,
just like the prayers at a monastery.

Verry berry is not hairy
we cooked it twice so no dysentery.

Verry berry don’t be wary,
So says Tom, even Dick and Harry.

Verry berry contains no dairy,
good for the tract they call urinary.

Verry berry picked by a fairy,
that’s not real it’s just imaginary.

Very berry get all you can carry,
don’t let the price become inflationary.

Verry berry with ryhme will parry,
we took every word from the dictionary!

verry berry jam
Grape Jelly – SOLD OUT
5.00 – 250 ml
Our grape jelly uses 100% natural grapes, picked fresh and hand-mushed by real feet! Okay, we don’t really mush the grapes with our feet. Anymore.
grape jelly
Plum Jelly
5.00 – 250 ml
plum jelly
Red Pepper Jelly
5.00 – 250 ml
red pepper jelly
Apple Jelly
5.00 – 250 ml
apple jelly
Apple Butter
5.00 – 250 ml
apple butter
Apple Sauce
5.00 – 250 ml
apple sauce
Mustard Relish
5.00 – 250 ml
Is it mustard? Is it relish? With our mustard relish, it’s hard to say. But, if you relish mustard but wish it had just a bit more relish in the mustard or maybe more mustard in the relish, we have the mustard relish for you. Great on hamburgers, hot dogs–even cereal–our mustard relish leaves the ketchup behind. Thank goodness!
mustard relish
Zucchini Relish
5.00 – 250 ml
“Zucchini”: sounds like an Italian sports car, but is actually a sexy Italian vegetable from the giant “Zook” family. Thousands of years ago the the Zook family of vegetables intermingled with the “Ini” (as in “ini-weenie”) family of vegetables to produce smaller members. Although, to be honest, some of the members we’ve seen are quite respectable, size-wise. Anyway, to put a stop to all this co-mingling of members, we chop up our zucchini, make a relish out of it and then fully contain it in a mingle-proof glass jar. No more funny business, period.
Zucchini relish
4.00 – 250 ml
6.00 – 500 ml
How To Do the Salsa
  1. Start with both feet together at the heels and the music on.
  2. Step forward with your left foot. Grab a tortilla chip from the bag in front of you with your right hand. Don’t eat it yet.
  3. Rock back on your right foot and shift your weight from front to back, swinging your hips slightly to accentuate the movement. Try to look cool. Or hot, it doesn’t matter. Keep not eating the tortilla chip.
  4. Roll your weight from the ball of your foot to the heel. Step backwards with your right foot, extending your right arm (the one with the tortillia) backwards and into the salsa bowl you left on the counter behind you. Do not dip your hand into the salsa, just the chip.
  5. Swing your hips and shift your body weight to help add style to your salsa dance, while beginning to bring the salsa-laden chip closer to your mouth. Try not to drip the salsa on your sports jacket.
  6. Bring your right foot back to starting position and insert the toritlla chip into your mouth. Close mouth. Do not chew yet.
  7. Balance you weight, begin to chew while throwing your head back and closing your eyes in a moment of extreme culinary ecstasy.
  8. Repeat steps 1 – 7.
Hot Spicy Salsa
6.00 – 500 ml
hot spicy salsa
Mango Mango Salsa
5.00 – 250 ml
mango salsa
Tomato Sauce
6.00 – 500 ml
Are you a couple tomatoes short of a thick sauce? We certainly hope not. But if you are, get smart and begin your next culinary creation with our sauce that uses the thickest, all natural, red tomatoes we can find.
tomato sauce
Pizza Tomato Sauce
5.00 – 250 ml
Wikipedia tells us that Pizza Tomatoes are flat, wide tomatoes that grow on the ground and have to flipped four or five times in a growing season to achieve that perfect redness on both sides. Great on the barbeque, but when made into a sauce and carefully poured out and unfolded, they fit perfectly over the top of any pizza.
Pizza Tomato Sauce
Honey Love’n Oats Soap
Ever taken a bath in pure honey? Maybe way back in your crazy college days, eh? Well, we’ve de-sticki-fied the whole situation by making honey bathable-inable again in a way that no one will even raise an eyebrow. You’ve still got your honey, but we’ve added some wholesome oats just for extra propriety and bit of abrasion. Then we add the “Love’n” part, which is mostly glyercerin (don’t worry: totally natural) to prevent you getting stuck in the bathub like some ancient mastadon in a tar pit. All you provide is the water. Suds are free!
honey love'n oats soap
Ontario Pure Maple Syrup
15.00 – 500 ml
You know a tree must produce something really tasty when one of its leaves appears on your flag. By itself! Take that, poutine! We’re proud to wring the precious nectare from trees right here on our farm and we’re definitely busy beavers during The Season collecting the sap and boiling…….——Hey look at that picture of the bottle: someone’s taken a sip out of there! You put that back this instant, mister! Do I have to lock it up, really?!
honey love'n oats soap
Honey Roasted Peanuts
3.00 – 70 g
If you’ve ever had you nuts roasted you won’t soon forget it. Roasted nuts are crunchier, just a litle more pungent and–when dipped in honey–make for a delicious mouthful of happy endings. Grab a bag today.
honey roasted peanuts
Honey Roasted Peanuts
5.00 – 200 g
If you’ve ever had you nuts roasted you won’t soon forget it. Roasted nuts are crunchier, just a litle more pungent and–when dipped in honey–make for a delicious mouthful of happy endings. Grab a bigger bag today.
honey roast peanuts
Honey Roasted Almonds
4.00 – 70 g
honey roasted almonds
Honey Roasted Almonds
7.00 – 200 g
honey roasted almonds
White Bread & Brown Bread
5.00 – loaf – please pre-order
Nutty Cinnamon Rolls
15.00 – please pre-order
nutty cinnamon rolls
Custom Gift Baskets
starting at 25.00
Great for special occasions, excellent for gifts, but particularly effective for bribes. Get things done your way by slipping your local MP a couple of these bad boys. Or–if you just not the law breaking type–you could use ’em to cozy up to grandma or even the paperboy!
gift baskets