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Honey Roasted Almonds

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There’s so many almond products out there that it was hard to know which one to try out on the farm. At first we thought we might try making almond milk. So, we got ourselves some milk almonds and gave them lots of grass and open pasture. But, when it came time for milking they all ran dry: we couldn’t squeeze a drop of milk out of them. Then we thought about growing chocolate almond bark–you know the kind they used to sell at Laura Secord. We took some seeds from some chocolate almond bark we got for Christmas and planted them. But, when they did finally grow the bark was so hard to chew we ended up giving it to the beavers. In the end, we decided on something we knew: we got some real almonds and roasted them in the honey we produce right here on the farm. So that’s what we did, in two sizes.

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