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Alaina and the Great Play

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Proceeds from the sale of this children’s book goes to help us purchase a new wheelchair for Haylie’s sister Kayla.

I met Kayla almost 3 years ago now. She was being looked after at an orphanage with her sister Haylie while their mother Dahalia worked. It was the only place in St. Maarten that would care for her while Dahalia was at work. My husband and I like to vacation in St. Maarten and I was looking for something to do. So I looked into volunteering at the orphanage doing crafts with the kids. I saw Kayla , beautiful little Kayla and I asked what they are doing for her. Dahalia has no medical for the girls and herself even though both children were born in St. Maarten. So we started by taking her to Physio weekly. Kayla did amazing. You see Kayla is severely disabled, cannot walk or talk but she has the most beautiful smile. Than my husband and I started looking after her medical needs as well. Kayla has grown so much she is in need of a new wheelchair now , customized for her. The one she has she has outgrown. So our next campaign is going to focus on raising money for a new wheelchair for her. I am getting quote now for the wheelchair. Everything we sell the proceeds will go to purchasing a new wheelchair for her. If you cannot purchase something or donate financially you can help by sharing this post with your friends. We also are going to be selling Haylie’s book “Alaina and the Great play” with all proceeds going to this campaign. It is a great book to teach your kids about diversity, experiencing firsts and it captures the joy of a black child experiencing live theatre for the first time with her family, and captures the delight, energy and spontaneity of a young child. This book was written by Eloise Greenfield an award winning author and Colin Bootman and award winning illustrator, this is a book that will touch your heart. We are very proud to have Haylie and her Mom Dahalia featured in the book. The price of the book will be 20.00. The books were printed in Canada so you are supporting Canadian when you purchase this children’s book. I have limited quantities of the books from the publisher, and the children’s books have just arrived. I want to say thank you for always supporting us in all the work we do. You are always there for us! We are beyond grateful!

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