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List from the kids at the orphanage

Tom and I have developed a great love for the people of St. Maarten. They are always friendly and welcoming with a smile on their face regardless of the great adversity that the island has faced. We decided we wanted to find a way to give back. Our journey began at the ICAN Shelter which is the only government funded orphanage on the island. The ICAN Shelter is where I met Kayla and Haylie. I did crafts with the kids each week and attended to Kayla’s medical needs, brought her to physio each week and help support Kayla’s nutritional needs. 
Recently I received a friend request from a young boy on Facebook. I was a little apprehensive at first than I saw he was a friend of Dahalia ( Haylie and Kayla’s Mom) so I accepted. He asked me if I knew who he was? I said remind me. He said it is Devon from the orphanage. Devon is 13 years old. His brother is with him in the orphanage.  I was emotional as this young boy reached out to me. We talked for a bit. Than I asked him if there was anything he needed. He said a new pair of black shoes for school. You will never ever get a request from any of the children for anything but their basic needs. I asked him to prepare a list for me of what the other children need. The list is attached. I wish I could take each one of those children out of the orphanage and give them the life they deserve. 
But what I can do is provide my love and support to each of them when I see them. 
If you have anything on the list you would like to donate , bags of used clothes,  and shoes ( the kids run around in bare feet- a kind family bought the kids shoes for Christmas last year) 
When we drop off your eggs we can pick up any donations. If you are not on our delivery route we can come and pick them up.
Haylies Birthday is October 30th so we are going to St. Maarten for a brief visit to have a party for her. She has never had a birthday party before. Miss Brenda is bringing a mermaid themed party to St. Maarten…lol 
Thank you in advance and have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with families and friends.  

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